Welcome to PEEMD GROUP

Founded in 1990s, the Power Electronics, Electrical Machines and Drives group is an integral part of the Electrical Engineering Department at IIT Delhi. Progress in electrical engineering has been crossing benchmarks over decades now, however, with the ever increased demand for clean, sustainable and cheaper energy, efficient power conversion has become a major focus of research worldwide. Here at IIT Delhi, the research group for PEEMD is committed in doing its bit towards an energy efficient future.

The group provides extensive research facilities including well-equipped laboratories with latest state of art equipment. Faculty is actively involved in teaching at undergraduate and postgraduate level through courses covering latest trends in Power Electronics, Electric Machines and Drives, providing hands on laboratory experience.

The group has several faculty members with diverse research interests including Power Electronic Converters, Adjustable Speed Drives, Renewable Energy Resources, Power Quality, Modeling and Control of Power Electronic Systems and Motor Control. The faculty members have been awarded a number of international and national awards, and constitute editorial boards of leading journals and programme committees of several conferences worldwide. The group has research collaboration with several industries, power utilities and R&D organizations in India and abroad.